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What dental offices are saying

about M. Dent's programs?


"We love M. Dent College grads, they are so knowledgeable and can jump right into the admin role."

             -Calgary Dental Office

"We have hired M. Dent College grads for years and if we had to hire again we would call them first. Our office appreciates what is taught through their programs." 

                        -Calgary Dental Office

"The students have great attention to detail and are knowledgeable and eager to jump right in to help. The hired grad were a great asset to our office and knew what we needed thanks to M. Dent College."                 

                                    -River Dental

"We hired a graduate of M.Dent College and were very please with the quality of training. Our dental administrator had a comfortable working knowledge of dentistry, charting, procedure codes, billing and claims. She was able to hit the ground running. I also really appreciated the customer service training. Our patients just love her! Thank you Melissa and M. Dent College!"

                                   -Northmount Dental

"Our office hired Emily was a new grad from your program. Her dental knowledge from your course has helped Emily progress from an administrative role to adding on a role as general anesthesia coordinator. Her knowledge has helped her to confidently explain treatment needed to patients when any question arises. I am impressed on the detail and how thorough your course was to give Emily the knowledge to be able to ask pertinent questions and to excel at our office. She was able to step into her role seamlessly."   


                            -CDHC Office Manager

I appreciate the training and attention to dental offered through their programs. Very relative to our needs. Thanks M. Dent College.

        -Airdrie Dental Office

"M. Dent College teach relevant, current applicable knowledge that is needed for a dental position. We appreciate the time and care it takes to teach numbering, charting and insurance so in depth. They are an amazing program!"

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