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"I signed up for M. Dent's dental admin program with the hopes that it would help me gain knowledge about this field as well as give me an advantage over applicants. This course exceeded my expectations. Melissa is a consummate professional and she shares practical tips and the necessary information to help you in this industry. Within a week of finishing the course I had a job interview and got the job immediately. I credit a lot  to having the course on my resume! Thank you Melissa."

                                                                      -Leanne D.


"Really worthwhile course if you are willing to put the investment of your time into it. The course is extremely comprehensive with hands-on training and practical teaching which makes this class so excellent. I found a dental administration job and was working days after finishing the course ."                         

                                                                       -Margi M.

"Having no dental experience prior to beginning this class I was very nervous. However, Melissa provides you with a comfortable learning environment, learning tools and her great teaching style made learning easy. There are no judgement on classmates learning curves, it was an amazing class. The course content was delivered in a easy to understand way and taught exceptionally well. Melissa is very knowledgeable in dentistry and was a great, fun, professional instructor."

                                                                     -Selina L.

"Amazing course! This course has lots to offer. I had no dental knowledge before, it taught me so many things important to the profession and job. I am now confident and excited for my new career."           -Liucija M.

"M. Dent's course is never boring, each class was spent doing something a little different. The instructor provides you with so many resources to help you learn. It is interactive, hands-on and really fun. I came into this course with no prior dental knowledge and I am leaving with so much to offer a dental office as an administrator. I am excited to get started in my new career."


"Melissa is a true hands-on instructor and I gained so much confidence during this class. M. Dent Services Dental Administration class is highly recommended. I got a job within weeks of finishing the program."

                                                                      -Rita M.

"M. Dent's Dental Admin course is a great, affordable. It gives you  good knowledge of dental terminology and office procedures. I am looking forward to a new career in a dental office."

                                       -Trish S.

"Melissa is very knowledgeable. This is a fantastic, fast paced course that prepares you for the dental field. Be prepared to have a lot of new information introduced in a small amount of time. However, Melissa is very helpful and encouraging with a focus on you being successful. I am very happy and excited to get out there and start working. Within a week of my practicum I was hired on as a Dental Administrator."                                           -Asyah L.

"M. Dent College's Dental Admin class was a great experience for me. I feel that I gained a lot of knowledge on dental administration plus so much more. I recommend this course to individuals going into the dental field.  For me this is a great class to prepare me for dental hygiene school and I would recommend it to others."

                                                                       -Jassminn I.

"If you want to be the best-take this class. It is thorough, intense and a very informative course. You will leave with confidence for a new career and self assurance. I got a job at a specialty dental office right away. Thanks M. Dent Services!

                                                 -Kayla Z.

"M. Dent's class is a fast paced course with a large amount of information to be learned. Melissa is very knowledgeable about dental admin. She makes the class fun and easy to learn. I enjoyed her stories that helped me relate to what we are learning. Overall it was a great experience. "                             -Tara D.

"The study is very detailed and fun at the same time. M. dent teaches you the reality of the dental office and profession. It equips you with the skill set for the career in the dental field. I myself am a foreign trained dentist and I learned a lot. Melissa gave me the best advice, she said "Know your worth." Thank you  M. Dent College.

                            -Irene U.

 "The M. Dent Dental Admin program is the perfect route of induction into the dental world. You are not only taught to enhance your professional administrative skills, you are also groomed to be come a better person....socially and otherwise.You learn communication skills, have great lectures and hands on training, with good trainers. I learned more than just dental through M. Dent College. It is so affordable in cost and in comparison to the other programs (I visited other colleges) I chose M. Dent and happy I did. 

                                     -Ifeanyi E. 

"Take this class it is awesome! Melissa works hard to make it fun to learn. You are missing out if you miss taking this course."

                   -Miranda K.

"This is a fast paced course where you quickly learn that Melissa within M. Dent have the highest of standards for what is learned and passed on to students. She is so encouraging and positive, you just want to do your best for her and yourself."

                                                                        -Karla M.

"I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative, Melissa has a great teaching style that makes you learn the material easier. I highly recommend this class. It was a lot of fun and I met some great new friends. I was lucky to get a job from my practicum placement and started working right away. Thanks M. Dent Services."          

                                                                        -Jenn C.

"I really enjoyed this class. Melissa is a wonderful and very helpful teacher. She goes above and beyond for the success of each student and always makes herself available to help you. She helped me gain employment before the class was finished. I love my new job."                                                                                                    -Penny M.

"Love this course! Melissa's teaching style is very easy to follow. She gives you honest feedback that is helpful. She is all about lifting her students up. She helped pull out confidence in me I didn't know I had.  Thank you Melissa."                                         -Brenda Z.

"I started this course not sure what to expect. After completing the course I have learned so much about the dental field and even myself. I feel the teacher, Melissa has a great understanding and knowledge. She teaches it in a way you can understand it."

                                                                 -Carrie D.

"What a great class! Melissa is very knowledgeable and went over so much in a condensed time. I would totally recommend this course to anyone looking for a change and a good challenge. This course has meant so much to my future and meeting new people in the industry. I got a job before the class finished-thank you M. Dent College!"                                      -Katie F.

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