Dental Office Sterilization Officer Course


DOSO Course Details

Theory completed online prior to booking hands-on practical training. The theory can be done at the students own pace. Each student has 4 months to complete the course.
• Course requires a work placement or co-op (40 hours) at the completion of the program.
• Total course tuition is $1399.99. Course requires a non-refundable registration fee of $135.00. If combined with our Dental Administration course as a dual certificate program we offer a reduced rate of $1199.99 (saving $200.00). 
• Course is taught by private instructors geared at getting the students ready for the challenges and rewards of the dental field.
• Certificate of training upon completion of the course and requirements.
• To book your admission meeting or inquire email us at: 


Course Outline & Syllabus


  • Dental terminology and glossary terms.

  • Scope of Microbiology and infection control history.

  • Development of infectious diseases, blood borne pathogens.

  • Infection control –rationale and regulations and IPC office manuals and Alberta regulations.

  • Record keeping, logs, manuals reference materials.

  • Being apart of the dental team, time management in the sterile bay.

  • Protective barriers, protective equipment,

  • Learning to manage sundries and manual as well as electronic supply ordering for the dental office.

  • Management of steri bay during a working day and trouble shooting.

  • Dental sterile bay machines, materials and monitoring and protocols.

  • Instrument processing, identification and dental water lines asepsis.

  • Guest speaker presentation with Germaphine (in-class only).